Overcoming an Awesome Weekend: Sidewalk Festival & 4th Ave Jazz Fest

Have you ever had so much fun on the weekend that you can’t get over it when the week starts? The kind of weekend where you ate and drank whatever you wanted, bought whatever you wanted, started off the day really early,  ended the day late at night, and spent of a lot of time outdoors.  You struggle to get out of bed on Monday, opt for a nap instead of your workout on Tuesday, and by Wednesday you’re just getting your strength back.  That’s what I had last weekend. I enjoyed two festivals block to block in something that was so “city girl” it puts all Birmingham nay sayers to shame. This is A City Girl’s Guide to…..

Overcoming an Awesome Weekend


What: 16th Annual Sidewalk Festival & Historic 4th Avenue Jazz Festival

When: August 22nd- 24th, 2014

Where: 19th Street between 3rd & 4th Avenue North

My Awesome Weekend

For those of you who don’t know the Sidewalk Film Festival is on of the premiere Birmingham events. I don’t think you can say you’ve lived here if you have never been. Film makers come from all over to showcase their films. There are documentaries, narratives, shorts, and animated films of different genres. There are films made in Alabama, films made by kids, and films made else where. Plus, there is great food and pop up shops. There is literally something for everyone. You can buy a day pass, weekend pass, or just show up, pick a film, and hang out for the rest of the day. You can also volunteer and get a free ticket for each shift you work. I really love this event, because it encourages pedestrian life in downtown Birmingham. If you didn’t make this year, be sure to catch the 17th annual Sidewalk Film Festival next year.

Hot, Hot, Red Carpet VIP Party on the Rooftop of the Kress Building

Opening Night w/ Whole Foods Block Party

Sidewalk Scenes

Historic 4th Avenue Jazz Festival


One thing I have always know is that Birmingham dwellers love Jazz. It only seems right to hold the 4th Avenue Jazz Fest right in front of the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame (located inside The Carver Theatre). Some of the businesses on 4th Avenue have been there for years. As we develop new businesses in downtown, let’s not forget the guys who have been there and never left. We’ve got to support them too!

Both events are community based, nonprofit organizations. Please support them so they can continue making our city great. Donate to Sidewalk here and the Jazz Fest here .

Whew! What a great weekend. I’m just getting over it. I would give you some guidance on overcoming an awesome weekend, but as I reminisce, I realize that I’m still struggling.  AND THIS WEEKEND IS LABOR DAY WEEKEND?? Does anybody have any good advice for me? I’m going to need it. LOL  Till next time…

Happy Overcoming Birmingham.

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