So Good, I Cried A Little…

This past Sunday I had the immense pleasure of attending the 11th Annual Birmingham Originals Breakin’ Bread Food & Wine Festival.  First of all, any restaurant with a known name was there. I’m talking old favorites like Irondale Cafe, Birmingham famous like Oceans,  and classy favorites like Hot & Hot Fish Club to name very few. My tastebuds, belly, and brain were completely overwhelmed by the smorgasbord  that laid before me. There was way too much good food for me to review or make a favorites list. In fact, after a while I felt too full to take pictures.  The slide show below is not even close to a good representation of all the restaurants. You can see a complete list here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See here for more restaurant details: Silvertron Cafe, Chez Fonfon, Nabel’s Cafe, John’s City Diner, Irondale Cafe, The J. Clyde, Bottega, Ocean, The Bright Star, Hot & Hot Fish Club, Culinard Cafe, JoJo’s on Broadway,  Little Savannah, Avo, Scatterfields, Century Restaurant, Chez Lulu, The Pantry by Stone Hollow Farmstead, V. Richards, Vino 

It may have been my oncoming food coma or the beautiful serenity of Railroad Park’s pavilion, but I  cried a little as I sipped my bottomless vodka cocktail while watching fish swim in the shallow pond under a waterfall with the city on the horizon. That may be a run on sentence, but I still feel the same way: GRATEFUL

GOD WILLING, I HOPE TO ATTEND BREAKIN’ BREAD EVERY YEAR FROM NOW ON. So, as I make a toast to Birmingham with pride, here are several reasons you should …




1.There’s no better to way to spend a Sunday afternoon than by eating yourself into a food coma.

2. It’s for a good cause.

CS Make_a_Wish








3. One ticket gets you all the beer, wine, tea you can drink. (Don’t get too wild though. This is a nice affair. Oh yeah, and you get food too.)

4. Kids under 12 get in free and there’s a place for them to play as you sip and nibble.

5. You get to sit on dock of the “bay” watching your remote-controlled boat slip away.

6. Railroad Park in the fall is an urban oasis

7. You may even get to hear a live jug band. You don’t see this everyday.

So, go ahead and make plans to attend Breakin’ Bread Festival 2015. It will be so good…. you might even cry a little.

Happy Living Birmingham.

-A City Girl

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