Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner: Cask & Drum Music Festival

I’ve found that there is nothing this city loves more than food, live music, and fundraisers. This is Birmingham, where festivals like Cask & Drum help rock live on. We will the keep the rock alive, but not the chicken.  On any given Saturday, we like football on our t.v. and chicken on our plate.

Saturday, Magic Moments made it possible for local chicken wing aficionados to win a title for best wings at the Cask & Drum Music Festival. Magic Moments has been granting wishes to  children of Alabama  with life threatening or chronic medical conditions since 1984. This year, Magic Moments teamed up with Cask & Drum to put on their annual Kick’n Chick’n Wing Fest fundraiser. Proceeds from this year’s Cask & Drum festival also went to benefit Magic Moments.

Started in 2013, Cask & Drum is a privately funded music festival bringing performances from national talent on two stages. Although Cask & Drum is only in its second year, the event aims to fill a void left by the termination of City Stages years ago.  A part of the festivals focus is music discovery. Todd Coder, a talent buyer for WorkPlay and the festival, brings a good mix of artists who have notoriety around the country, but may be unknown to Birmingham.

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I discovered Kansas Bible Company, Paul McDonald, and Lee Bains III and Glory Fries. I’m not the biggest “rocker” out there, so I was pleasantly surprised at Kansas Bible Company’s brass section which gave them a soulful undertone.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 3.35.36 PM

Being true to myself, I spent most of my time sprawled out on the grass or eating chicken and frozen treats.

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…Or meeting some great people….

Like Nanie and David who own Magic City Ice. I love to see family owned and operated businesses.  They were a  sweet couple, and so was my strawberry colada (pictured above). That baby got two head nods and a “mmm, that’s good” from me.


Or like Becky and Tim who I met hanging out in the Backyard Birmingham Tent. The tent was a great place to cool off, cop a squat on a couch, and watch some football on one of the 12 flat screen TVs.

….Or watching other people eat during the chicken wing eating contest.

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Or trying to take a peak at one of the celebrity judges’ score sheet.

Celebrity Judges:

Hannah Hayes– Assistant Food Editor, Southern Living Magazine

Luci Beavers– Star of the Bravo reality series Jersey Belle

Deidre Downs-Gunn, MD– Miss Alabama 2004 and Miss America 2005

Here were my picks for winner of the best chicken wings. The judges and I saw pretty much eye to eye.

1st Place: Michael’s Peanut Putter & Jelly Wing


2nd Place: Carrigan’s Ginger Aioli


3rd Place: Billy’s Double Fried and Sauced


Cask & Drum was a great way to spend a Saturday. I only wish I would have worn a dress or some shorts, because it  was much hotter than I expected. The  day crowd was okay, but it increased as it turned more into a concert/party atmosphere at night. If this is only their second year, I can’t wait to see how it improves next year. If you were there, be sure to take the poll on to let them know what you thought. If you couldn’t make it be sure to mark your calendars for next year.

Do you think Birmingham has a void when it comes to music festivals? Leave a comment and let me know.

Keep Rock Alive Birmingham

-A City Girl

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