Crazy Little Things: Arc Stories

Let’s all get together and talk… No, that would be too noisy.  How about we all  get together and listen to a few of us talk. Only the funny, witty, interesting, unique folks. Only the ones  with a story. Better yet, only the ones with story about love. Only  the really good, the really bad, and the really ugly stories about love.

Well, I just happen to be in luck because at this very moment I’m doing just that thanks to Arc Stories.  Check them out at here.

So, I’m sitting in the Avon Theatre  in the Lakeview District ( which by the way is popping on a Saturday night) live blogging to tell a story  about a story telling event about love. That was a mouth full.

It’s almost standing room only and the place is packed with about 200 people. It feels extra packed because we are sitting in those almost adult sized third grade chairs with the three spaces that look like air vents in the  back. You know the ones.

Two stories down… Six to go. So far so good. This second one is about a stalker. Juicy stuff.

[Update: Tonight I heard a story about a vasectomy, a husband’s love for his wife with a failing kidney, a story about a stalker, a crazy break up, love for a mother with a terminal illness, and a third grade jewelry theft to win a girl’s heart. ]

Here is tonight’s line up for storytellers: 

I would tell you more but I’m trying to pay attention to this story….

Keep telling stories Bham…

PS…the next event is on stories about the workplace. Check Arc Stories websites for details.

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